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WebSampConnector (1.6) Demonstrator

Help To start the demo, launch a SAMP hub and one or more VO softwares.
We recommend to start JSamp, Aladin, Topcat and Splat-VO for this demo.
– Connects your Web browser to the hub... Hub Status
  •  →

– You are now able to broadcast data from the Web page to the VO softwares...

  • (Barbara FOV targets)
  • (Barbara FOV image)
  • (HESS spectrum)

– You are able to discover the registered clients and their subscriptions...

– You are also able to handle events from the Web page to the running VO softwares...

  • (RA=7h; DEC=+6d)
  • (row #6 of the previous VOTable)
  • (rows #0 to #4 of the previous VOTable)
  • (get Aladin(DSS2); get VizieR(USNO2))

– And your Web page can handle events coming from the VO softwares...

  • Click anywhere in a FITS image in Aladin
  • Select a target in a table of Aladin of Topcat
  • Select a set of targets in a table of Aladin or Topcat
  • Select a spectrum in Aladin, right-click and open with the Websampconnector
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