Astronomical Solutions for Earth Paleoclimates

Solutions are also available for Mars paleoclimates here.

Solutions La2010 for Earth orbital elements from -250 Myr to the present

Data files here (revision 08 mars 2011)


Laskar, J., Fienga, A., Gastineau, M., Manche, H.: 2011,
La2010: A new orbital solution for the long-term motion of the Earth.
Astron. Astrophys., Volume 532, A89
PDF (free access paper)

For insolation and obliquity, the La2004 solution (below) should be used.

Solutions La2004 from -50 Myr to +20 Myr

Source programs and data files here (revision 18 january 2010)

Precompiled packages for various platforms are available in this download area (revision 17 august 2015)

Computations could be performed using this web-based interface (revision 18 january 2010)

This solution is the nominal solution La2004 used in (Laskar et al., 2004).

The solution from -100 Myr to + 20 Myr is also included for information.


A&A 428, 261-285 (2004), DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:20041335
Laskar, J., Robutel, P., Joutel, F., Gastineau, M., Correia, A.C.M., Levrard, B. : 2004,
A long term numerical solution for the insolation quantities of the Earth.

Original paper from Astronomy and Astrophysics : (free access paper)

Solutions La93 from -20 Myr to +10 Myr

programs and data files here

We have stored here for reference the previous solution La93 from (Laskar et al., 93) with the two settings La93(0,1) and La93(1,1). The nominal solution (with tidal dissipation) should be La93(1,1). The format of the files is such that they can be used with the new version of insola from (Laskar et al., 2004).


La93: Laskar, J., Joutel, F., Boudin, F.: 1993,
Orbital, precessional and insolation quantities for the Earth from -20 Myr to + 10Myr
Astron. Astrophys. 270, 522
PDF (free access paper)

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