Astronomical Solutions for Martian Paleoclimates


Laskar, J., Correia, A., Gastineau, M., Joutel, F., Levrard, B., Robutel, P. : 2004,
Long term evolution and chaotic diffusion of the insolation quantities of Mars.
Icarus 170, Issue 2, 343-364 (2004)

Solutions are also available for Earth paleoclimates here.

Solutions La2003-04 from -20 Myr to + 10 Myr

programs and data files here

The solution La2003.
This solution is the nominal solution used in (Laskar et al., 2003) it is obtained with the following constants: k2 = 0.14, Q = 50, initial precession rate : p = -7.576 arcsec/year (Folkner et al., 1997 ). The obliquity evolution from -20 Myr to + 10 Myr is given in Fig.1

The solution La2004. La2004 is the up to date insolation solution with initial conditions
from (Yoder et al, 2003): : k2 = 0.149 ; Q = 92 ; initial precession rate : p = -7.597 arcsec/year

Solutions over 250 Myr

Several solutions are also provided over 250 Myr (actually only 249 Myr) as an indication of the variability of the obliquity solution over long time intervals. They can be used with the program "insola" in order to generate climatic data for a given period (high obliquity regime for example).

301003BIN_A.P000 : nominal solution

DATA : mars_301003BIN_A_P000_N.ASC, mars_301003BIN_A_P000_P.ASC

301003BIN_A.N001: p = p0-d p/1000;

DATA : mars_301003BIN_A_N001_N.ASC, mars_301003BIN_A_N001_P.ASC

301003BIN_A.N006: p = p0-6d p/1000;

DATA : mars_301003BIN_A_N006_N.ASC, mars_301003BIN_A_N006_P.ASC

301003BIN_A.P001: p = p0+d p/1000;

DATA : mars_301003BIN_A_P001_N.ASC, mars_301003BIN_A_P001_P.ASC

301003BIN_A.P022: p = p0+22d p/1000;

DATA : mars_301003BIN_A_P022_N.ASC, mars_301003BIN_A_P022_P.ASC

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