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The Solar system Open Database Network

Query form

This Web form is a user interface to the VO-compliant Web service SsODNet. Enter the name or the designation of a Solar System object or an Extrasolar planet in the form, and submit the query. Click on Show options to display advanced options which can be helpful to refine a query. Read the documentation to learn more.

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The name or the designation of a Solar system object or an extrasolar planet may be a fulltext name, a number or a string formatted as [<prefix>:][<operator>:]name.
prefix may be used to restrict the request to a given type of celestial objets, and operator may be used to perform pattern match based on regular expression.
Read the HOWTO name objects section of the documentation to learn more.
- 2895, Pallas, 1996 TO66
- Titan or J-V
- like:io% or like:%halley%
- p:like:m% or c:like:P/A%
- a:regexp:^[iI]o
- e:regexp:^HD
- sj:regexp:^v
When you start to enter the name of a target (at least two characters), a list of 10 names is proposed for autocompletion (wildcards are not recognized by the autocompletion, which is a full-text search). If your target is not listed then add more letters until it appears. To select a target, click on its name, or use the up and down arrows to highlight it and then hit Enter key. A comma is automatically appended to the result in order to search for another target. The autocompletion is provided by the SsODNet Resolver REST API
Resolver options
The form allows to refine the resolver request: choose the type of targets, choose to compute or not its ephemeris, provide an epoch formatted as a Julian day or as any English textual datetime (e.g. now, 2005-4-16 1:53:34, 10 September 2000, +1 day, +1 week, +1 week 2 days 4 hours 2 seconds, next Thursday, last Monday, etc.), and choose the maximum number of objects to be retrieved by the query (zero stands for no limit).

Read the documentation to get more information.

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