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- AstroId -
The Virtual Observatory
Solar System Object Data Mining Tool

The AstroId service is in development, and will be available in late 2014.

> Presentation

The AstroId project aims to provide a VO-compliant web service dedicated to the data mining of known solar system bodies in astronomical archives. The AstroId Web service provides the following methods (HTTP+XML+SOAP+WSDL):
xmatch - Cross-match of sky sources
This method process a list of sources to cross-match Sso and stars
xxx - xxx
This method allows ...
And administrative methods:
AstroId Availability
This method provides the availability of the AstroId Web service. Check now!

.: User support

Each response sent back by the AstroId service contains a ticket number. This 12 digits number (e.g. 123003240449) identifies each request and may be used to retrieve information on its processing. If you face with errors by using the AstroId service (it could occur that no relevant error message is returned), please report us the ticket number corresponding to the problem. It will help you to anderstand and solve it, and you will help us to improve the service.

The information regarding requests sent to AstroId is stored in a dedicated database. No personal information is stored, except the IP address of the client, which is employed to make statistics on the geographical localization of the AstroId users. The AstroId logs are never disseminated nor sent on request. You can access to the public logs by using the following URL:

Ticket number of the request
Keyword defining the service: AstroId(identify), Miriade(xxx)

> Notes to user


In any case, the IMCCE cannot be held for person in charge for a misuse or interpretation of the AstroId service and the data that are provided.

> How to cite AstroId

If AstroId was helpful for your research work, the following acknowledgment would be appreciated: "This research has made use of IMCCE's AstroId VO tool"