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Legal notice

The Solar System Virtual Observatory Portal of IMCCE, hereafter identified as "Portal", is property of IMCCE, OBSERVATOIRE de PARIS, and CNRS, hereafter identified as "Owner". The Owner possesses all rights concerning the Portal's architecture, software, services and data included or being part of it.

The use of the Portal is free to access. The user's registration is not compulsory but strongly recommended. The scientific results provided by the Portal keep the full and whole property of the Owner. No user can aspire to some right relative to the Industrial Property and Copyrights concerning any result obtained by him during the use of the Portal.

The Owner grants to every Portal's user the right of reproduction and representation of one or several results provided by the portal in purposes of private use, as well as any non commercial education or research activity. Any other kind of use and exploitation of the Portal and the results arising from it, others than those described above, needs a previous authorization of the Owner granted by Licencing agreement. Any direct or indirect business purpose is strictly excluded.

The Owner shall not, in any case, be contractually or legally held responsible of the direct or indirect damage being a consequence of the use, the misuse, the impossibility of use of the Portal, or of the results delivered by the Portal. Owner gets free of any responsibility as for the consequences of the quality of these results. The Owner cannot either be called in guarantee by any user or be responsible, and it is not considered some compensation payment for direct or indirect damages caused to third parties, which damages being a consequence of the user's execution of the computer's programs of the Portal or of the use of its provided results.